Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup

Why do a spring cleanup?

A well maintained landscape begins with a spring cleanup.

A spring cleanup typically occurs between mid-February and mid-March, just before the first cut of the season and shortly after the last leaf removal. The cleanup serves two purposes. The most obvious one is aesthetics. Removing all the winter debris and last few leaves from the fall  dramatically transforms the yard. The second one, described with more detail below, is function. Weeds are invasive, taking space away from other plants while smothering spring bulbs. Creating space for the healthy growth of desirable plants is an important aspect of the cleanup.

Components of a spring cleanup

Begin by removing those last few leaves in the bushes and turf.

Pull the remaining winter weeds and the spring weeds that grow much faster than anything else this time of year.

Blanket spray the beds to prevent those tiny little weeds that no one sees until several days after weeding. Applying a pre-emergent treatment will inhibit weeds from growing for a little while, and also contains a small percentage of fertilizer. This helps new and established plants sprout and shake off those winter time blues a little bit better. All the previous tasks prepare your bed space for a fresh application of mulch.

Leaves remaining on your turf areas, if left for a while, will block the turf from sunlight. Over an extended period of time, this will destroy the grass beneath it. This will create bare spots. Bare spots are areas of soil containing no turf, leaving room for weeds to move in. Place a handful of seed in the bare spots when the remainder of the leaves are removed. Wait until the seed has germinated before treating with a pre-emergent, if possible. If not, scratch the areas with a rake to break the barrier before applying the seed.

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