Leaf Removal

Leaf Removal

The importance of a leaf removal

Believe it or not, leaf removals do not just improve the appearance of your yard.  Their impact goes even deeper.

When leaves build up on your turf areas, those areas lose their access to sunlight. Once the loss of sunlight occurs, not only do your new seedlings die, but your established turf will also begin to die.

In addition to loss of sunlight, the leaf decomposition process can take a toll on the turf.  When leaves begin to decompose, they generate heat. Heat bakes the soil, dissolving nutrients, until full decomposition of the leaves have taken place. This can take years. With the loss of nutrients, it will become more and more difficult  to grow grass.

Therefore, if you’re going to put the effort into aerating and seeding your yard, it is advisable to continue removing the leaves so your hard work does not go to waste.

Further more, allowing leaves to stay on the ground can inhibit the effectiveness of your turf program. If there are leaves on the ground during the aeration and seed process  the seed will not make good soil contact. Seed will need soil contact to germinate. Leaves can also block fertilizer, pre-emergence and other chemical applications from making contact. When treating your lawn everything needs to touch what you are trying to treat. It does not matter if you are killing weeds, or applying fertilizer. Removing leaves will allow you to be able to apply all the applications that you need. These applications will be able to make good contact helping create the lawn of your dreams.

Time and energy, you may not have it and that is ok. Feel free to contact us in order to assist you with your leaf removal, and all your other clean up needs.